I saved Niall's last url so nobody can pretend to be him. He deleted his Tumblr.
I am not Niall/ not related with Niall.
Ask me for some more informations :)

Anonyme asked: btw i talked to niall (dont ask just trust me) and he wont be making a tumblr ever again too much drama


Anonyme asked: oh tes une française non ???

oui! Il y a beaucoup de frenchies ici j’ai l’impression 

I got my ticket to see One DIrection in Paris, I’m so close to the stage omg I’m so excited ! Just letting you all know aha

Anonyme asked: I hope he doesnt forget about us. I miss him. :(

He doesn’t don’t worry :)

icantfindagoodnamesooo asked: tu es française ? :) merci d'avoir récupèré les tumblr, personne ne se fera passer pour eux !

Oui ! C’est normal, je ne veux pas que certaines fans aient l’espoir de parler à un des garçons alors que c’est juste quelqu’un qui se fait passer pour eux :)

scarielarry asked: well now im sad i thought he would at least keep it not delete his whole blog :/ well i miss him and his crazy obamdonalds self :(

I thought he would keep it aswell but I think he knows that we always save his urls,so he knew we would do it again this time.
I miss him too but I know he won’t forget us, don’t worry :)

Anonyme asked: I feel like he abandoned us :( aw. I know he didn't and he was busy and had lots to do but I'm sad

Don’t be sad honey. He has spent so much time talking with us and playing games with us.. he loves his tumblr family and I’m sure he won’t forget us. 
If you feel a little lonely you can come here i’d love to talk with you’all x

Anonyme asked: If Niall ever ends up popping up randomly to see what happened to his url, i'd just like to say- Don't forget us, okay? We'll always be your crazy tumblr mofo fam and and the laughs we shared will always be there... Bye Steve :) xo

Yeah, we will always be your tumblr fam :)

light-it-up-up-up-like-mary asked: I'm glad Niall tried to be on here as much as possible, but this is pretty time consuming. (Niall if you for some reason check up to see what happened to your old url just know that we understand why you had to leave... <3 forever more, Steve Gallagher, our crazy tumblr weirdo) :) xox

We will all miss his tumblr :(

iindiekid asked: omg what happened? please tell me he's coming back!!! does he have a twitter??

I don’t think he will come back. Look at my first post, he has no time for that anymore :/
And I think he has a twitter but I’m not sure yet I’ll tell everyone when I’m sure.